Tattoo Aftercare

Taking care of your new work of art is a very important part of the healing process. Your body does a large part of the work, but it’s best to help it along to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If you take a quick search online or ask anyone that has a tattoo what they recommend, you’ll discover endless methods of taking care of new ink. After many years of experience, this information is what we stand behind at Modified Skin.


At Modified Skin we use Saniderm to help jumpstart the healing process.

Leave Saniderm on skin for 48 hours.
To remove: Preferably in the shower and after you’ve washed everything else, allow warm water to run on the tattoo. Peel it off from the top down, while keeping the Saniderm close to the skin as its being peeled off.

It will be full of liquid (ink, blood, plasma). You’ll then squirt several pumps of Liquid antibacterial Dial soap. Then wash gently, letting the soap do all the work. Rinse thoroughly.

Do NOT use a regular towel to dry. Instead use a paper towel. Then let the tattoo air dry for approximately 1 hour. Then apply a very light coat of Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion.

The next morning and every day after: Wash twice daily. Immediately after rinsing, dry it with a paper towel. Then apply lotion right away. Repeat at night.

Throughout the day, apply lotion as needed. If it feels dry, tight or itchy, apply lotion. They’re is no set number of times a day. It may start to peel like a bad sun burn. When it’s done peeling, is done healing.

General Aftercare Suggestions

First and foremost, ALWAYS wash your hands with mild liquid antibacterial hand soap before touching your tattoo! No exceptions!

You may remove your plastic bandage an hour after the procedure is complete (unless otherwise instructed). Please do so in a clean environment (not the neighborhood pub). If one is not readily available, wait until one is!

Upon removing bandage, GENTLY wash the tattooed area with warm water and a mild liquid antibacterial hand soap. Use only your CLEAN finger tips to do this. Once the area has been cleaned, pat dry (do not rub) the area with a CLEAN paper towel. Allow the area to air dry and breathe–all wounds need air to heal.

For the first FOUR NIGHTS, you will follow the cleaning advice above and, once air dry, re-wrap the CLEAN tattoo in CLEAN plastic wrap while you sleep. Doing this creates a barrier that protects the tattoo while you are sleeping and will help to promote a speedy and healthy healing process. Your tattoo will weep while wrapped; the fluid will be the same color as your tattoo. This is normal, and it does not mean that your tattoo is coming out. Upon waking in the morning, discard the plastic wrap, wash your hands and clean the tattoo as described above. After that tattoo is air dry, you can go about your day, allowing the tattoo to breathe and heal.

You may apply a mild unscented additive-free lotion (such as Aquaphor or a plain white hand lotion). ONLY WHEN THE TATTOO FEELS BRITTLE DRY! Use the lotion SPARINGLY! You only want a thin layer to keep the area flexible and happy. If the area appears shiny after application, take a fresh paper towel and gently dab off the tattoo. You will continue to do this two to three times a day for the next FOUR WEEKS, until the tattoo has lost it’s natural shiny appearance.

Your tattoo will begin to flake and peel, this is normal. DO NOT pick, scratch, or rub the tattoo at ANY time. Doing so may cause damage to the tattoo.

NO: sunlight or tanning beds–UV light damages tattoos.
NO: saunas, hot tubs, baths, swimming pools or any kind of prolonged water submersion while the tattoo heals. Showers are fine, but avoid letting the water beat upon the tattoo.

Once COMPLETELY healed, moisturizing and using sun block will help prolong the life and color of your tattoo.

Just remember to keep your tattoo clean and happy. The better you care for your tattoo, the better it will look for years to come.

These suggestions are supplied without liability.